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Regular health checks for your property

We go above and beyond to keep tabs on your asset and keep owners in the loop.

At Next Level, we invite you to raise your expectations for routine property inspections. Your asset will be assigned a dedicated inspections manager to perform regular ‘health checks’ on your property throughout its occupancy. These consistent and systematic inspections are vital in ensuring cleanliness and maintenance is up to scratch and your property remains in good condition.

The initial check-in will take place after the first three months of a new tenancy, and then once every six months after that. The inspections manager will record details of the condition and cleanliness of items, and of the property as a whole. We’ll get in touch with the residential rental provider quickly after each inspection and arrange for a copy of the comprehensive condition report to be available in their online portal. The condition report comes complete with pictures and calls attention to any actions that may be required. We find this heightened level of visibility and reporting gives residential rental providers the peace of mind that their precious asset is in safe hands.

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